Not all who wander are lost.

Permalink Leather and maxis. #outfitdujour
Permalink A is for Ah-ma-zing vintage crocodile handbag! #outfitdujour
Permalink Chambray and leopard. #outfitdujour  (at Wall Street)
Permalink Not leopard. Not interested. #outfitdujour  (at Bryant Park)
Permalink Bohemian Rhapsody. #outfitdujour  (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink Peacock inspired colors: green, purple, and blue #outfitdujour  (Taken with Instagram at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum)
Permalink Reasons why I love fall: burgundy fur vest, leather shorts, and green suede boots. #outfitdujour (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink Playing with fall trends in summer #military #outfitdujour (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink Pocket watch, vintage cameo and stingray with studs. #outfitdujour  (Taken with Instagram at The Hawthorne)
Permalink Leopard. Stripes. Bronze accents. Leather vest. #outfitdujour  (Taken with Instagram at InterContinental)
Permalink DIY cut offs, white tunic, sharks tooth from Maui, Toms #outfitdujour  (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink Asymmetric. Party in the front. Business in the back. #outfitdujour (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink Interview garb. #outfitdujour  (Taken with Instagram at SoHo)
Permalink Ready for zip lining! #outfitdujour  (Taken with Instagram at sands of kahana)
Permalink Neon shorts and collar accents. #outfitdujour  (Taken with Instagram)